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'Road of Rejuvenation' reopened at the National Museum of China

  [2011-03-02 08:02:14]

Two workers walk past sculptures featuring the exhibition "Road of Rejuvenation" at the National Museum of China in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 28, 2011. The exhibition "Road of Rejuvenation" illustrating the ups and downs of China on the road of national revival since 1840 will re-open at the National Museum of China on March 1. (Xinhua/Wang Yongji)

The large-scale exhibition Road to Rejuvenation, which was first staged in 2007 and was again shown to celebrate the 60th anniversary of New China's founding in late-2009, will reopen at the National Museum of China on March 1.

The exhibition, which showcases the ups and downs the country has faced on its road to national revival since 1840, will become a permanent display at the newly renovated museum.

While Road to Rejuvenation offers a narrative of China's pre-modern and contemporary history, its counterpart, Ancient China, reveals the development of previous ages.

The combined exhibitions "are intended to arouse a sense of national pride among visitors", museum dean Lu Zhangshen says.

Featuring more than 1,150 important artifacts and 980 photographs, the five-chapter Road to Rejuvenation exhibition showcases the nation's triumphant emergence and social advancement over the past six decades.

It also takes viewers back some 170 years, when the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) began to decline because of isolationism, backwardness, corruption and invasions by Western powers.

The exhibition begins with the Opium War in 1840 and chronicles the country's subsequent descent from a world power to a semi-feudal society in the mid-19th century and then, a semi-colonial country a century ago.

The show also depicts the numerous trials faced, and experiments attempted, along the road to national salvation and rejuvenation.


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